Passion is my Motivation!

X3S Bar is inspired by the healthy motivational lifestyle and sports achievements of Zak Lee, and has been developed throughout his stunt and martial arts career. Zak has been described as a renaissance man and has been in training nearly his entire life. 


Zak is a multiple Martial Arts and Kickboxing Italian champion who won the European Championship title twice. Zak is a Pro-World International Champion and fitness expert with several successful exercise videos in the market. Among his biggest fitness achievements, Zak boasts a personal extreme-fitness record of accomplishing a 24-hour, non-stop, climb of California's popular Santa Monica Stairs. At 189 steps repeated 316 times, Zak climbed up and down the stairs, for a total of 59,724 steps -- a distance equal to one and a half time the height of Mountain Everest during which Zak burned in excess of 9000 calories.

For his 45th Birthday, Zak underwent a fitness age exam, determining his fitness age to be the equivalent of a 22-year-old. From that date, Zak committed himself to understanding what made his body so healthy, fit, and young. Part of his discovery was the Avocado, a super food he discovered when he became dedicated to eating a raw foods diet, before ultimately becoming a vegan.


This is why Zak decided to develop the X3S-Bar with AVOCADO as the main ingredient. Zak is also a strong 

animal activist and environmental defender, loving animals deeply since his youth with his constant purpose to 

make an incredible impact to save and preserve Mother Nature and conserve all living creatures.

... To Make a Difference.


Mind, Body, Endurance!

X3S Bar is the first Protein Energy Bar whose essence is Avocado, the most delicious SuperFood available.

The delicious healthy monounsaturated fat, oleic acid, in the avocado is one of its biggest SuperFood health assets which helps lower cholesterol.


Combining his support of health and conservation, a portion of the proceeds from the X3S Bar will help support Wildlife Conservation. X3S Bar will help protect wild plant and animal species and their habitats. Plant and Wildlife Conservation are required to balance the environment and natural processes, just as the supreme nutrition of the X3S Bar will balance the fitness and natural processes of today's environmentally committed athletes.